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Full line coming April 2024! Get ready for performance redefined.Explore new artistic horizons with Peak Stellar Cartridges, now available in sample packs. These cartridges help you push boundaries, redefine your performance, and enjoy... Read more

Full line coming April 2024!

Get ready for performance redefined.

Explore new artistic horizons with Peak Stellar Cartridges, now available in sample packs. These cartridges help you push boundaries, redefine your performance, and enjoy an all-new standard for sharpness, consistency, and beyond.

These needles won’t dull even during your longest tattoo sessions. They’re made of durable, highest quality 304 stainless steel at maximum sharpness. Being so sharp, they also reduce trauma to your clients’ skin so you can get the best healed results possible.

Elevate your artistry with the assurance of consistent quality. Peak Stellar guarantees 20/20 high-quality needles in every box with no throaways... and if you get anything that’s less than perfect, we’ll replace it. Guaranteed. Explore new depths of color and expression, knowing that each cartridge delivers flawless performance.

Experience the freedom of smoother ink flow, enabling richer color transfers and faster healing. Whether you're delving into bold styles or intricate designs, Peak Stellar empowers you to experiment with confidence, pushing the boundaries of your artistic repertoire.

Conquer any artistic challenge with ease, thanks to Peak Stellar's precision-engineered design. Enjoy wobble-free performance, allowing you to focus entirely on your exploration of new techniques and styles, without distraction.

Simplify your artistic process with Peak Stellar's revamped design features. On-needle labeling and color-coded back stems ensure quick identification, freeing up time for you to dive into your work. See what configuration you need at a glance, grab it, and get going.

Key Features:

  • Sample pack of Stellar cartridges
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Needle Quality: Guaranteed 20/20 perfection in every box, eliminating the need for throwaways.
  • Expertly engineered to eliminate side-to-side play, providing unparalleled stability
  • Backstems are color-coded by configuration, allowing for quick and easy identification.
  • Configurations are clearly printed on cartridges, streamlining your setup process.
  • Revamped box labeling ensures easy identification on your shelves, saving you time and hassle.
  • Deliver minimal trauma to clients' skin for faster, smoother healing.
  • Experience superior, controlled ink flow for flawless color application.
  • Artist-tested, approved, and favored, guaranteeing exceptional performance.
  • Price per one box of 5 cartridges (the Large Mags sample pack comes as a pack of 4).
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    XXL MAG SAMPLE PACK The Peak Stellar XXL Mag Sample Pack contains five XXL curved mag configurations so you can create dynamic lines and execute flawless shading. (1) #10 29 XXL Curved Mag
    (1) #10 35 XXL Curved Mag
    (1) #12 45 XXL Curved Mag
    (1) #12 49 XXL Curved Mag
    TRADITIONAL SAMPLE PACK The Peak Stellar Traditional Sample Pack gives you five configurations for essential techniques: lining, whipshading, stippling, and shading. (1) #12 9 Traditional Round Liner
    (1) #12 18 Traditional Round Liner
    (1) #12 3x3 Whipshading Stipple Mag
    (1) #12 3x6 Whipshading Stipple Mag
    (1) #12 14 Round Shader
    FINE LINE SAMPLE PACK The Peak Stellar Fine Line Sample Pack gives you five round liners, including three bugpin configurations, so you can tackle fine lines, delicate work, and intricate detailing. (1) #6 3 Round Liner
    (1) #8 3 Round Liner
    (1) #10 1 Bugpin Round Liner
    (1) #10 3 Bugpin Round Liner
    (1) #10 5 Bugpin Round Liner
    BASIC SAMPLE PACK The Peak Stellar Basic Sample Pack gives you a well-rounded variety of configurations useful for any style. (1) #12 5 Round Liner
    (1) #12 9 Round Shader
    (1) #12 15 Curved Mag
    (1) #10 9 Straight Mag

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    I love them


    I been using leak since the bloodline version now these new ones are excellent quality let’s just hope you tag them with a price over 25.00

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