In some instances, we use the same tip mold for different needle configurations. This saves money and cuts down the price for our valued customers.

A 7 Tight Round Liner needle grouping has the same round tip opening as a 5 Round Liner. Consequently, in this instance, we used a 5RL tip mold for your 7RL needles. Nonetheless, you still have a 7RL needle cartridge; it’s just reusing the tip mold of another configuration for the sake of time, money, and resources.

The best way to determine that you received the needles you paid for is by looking at the box and blister packaging. You can also push the plunger bar to expose the needles, allowing you to inspect them closely.

On some of our cartridges, we can we use the same tip for different configurations. In order to save money and keep our costs down for our customers, we use some of our tips for multiple configurations.

For example: our first batch of tips we made originally were for Tight Round Liners. Since tight liners require a smaller hole for the needles, a 7 Round Tight Liner needle has the Round Tip opening of what a regular 5 Round Liner would use. You will see this in some Mag Tips and Round Shaders as well. It is best to look at the box and Blister packaging and push the plunger bar to expose the needles so you can inspect them and see with an eye loop that what you purchased is correct and in this case, it’s just us reusing the tip mold for another configuration.