The labels we use for our needles are comprised of three markings. To avoid confusion, here is the breakdown of our labeling with information about what each marking represents:

  1. The first marking is a number that indicates the thickness of the needle:

    #14 is a .40mm needle
    is a .35mm needle

    #10 is a .30mm needle
    #8 is a .25mm needle
    #6 is a .22mm needle
    #5 is a .20mm needle
    #4 is a .18mm needle

  2. The second marking is a number that indicates the number of needles in the grouping. Here are some examples:

    07 means 7 needles total
    09 means 9 needles total
    23 means 23 needles total

  3. The third marking is one or two letters that indicate how the needles are arranged on the bar:

    RL means Round Liner
    RS means Round Shader
    F means Flat (i.e. straight across in one row)
    M1 means Magnum (i.e. two layers spread out)

  4. Occasionally, you will see a fourth marking at the end of our label. This fourth marking will either be a *T, *C, or a *B.

    *T means the needles are Textured. Textured needles have not been high-polished and therefore have a rougher surface. Theoretically, this allows the needles to grab more ink than polished needles.

    *C means the needles are Curved. Curved needles in a magnum set-up are off-set, creating an arc.

    *B means the needles are Bullet. Bullet needles have the shortest taper and are used primarily for permanent makeup procedures.

  5. Our label is followed by the taper length, the last property of a tattoo needle. The taper is the length of the point at the very end of each needle. Short tapers have a shorter point, while long tapers have a longer point. Here is a list of common taper sizes by line:

Peak Triton & Quartz Needles

Short Taper : 2.5mm
Medium Taper : 3.5mm
Long Taper : 5.5mm
Extra Long Taper : 7.5mm

Peak Blood Needles

Short Taper : 1.5mm
Long Taper : 2.0mm
Double Long Taper : 2.5mm
Extra Long Taper : 3.5mm
Super Long Taper : 5.5mm
Super Extra Long Taper : 8.0mm