Our Azur slider tattoo machine, which comes with two interchangeable motors, requires regular cleaning and lubrication of the slider mechanism. If the slider mechanism is neglected, the machine can overheat or create noise while tattooing. We recommend using our Super Lube for routine maintenance.

Additionally, the Azur should be assembled with the motor unit tightly fastened. Twist the motor unit hard to ensure it is fixed in place; this will prevent vibration while tattooing. Our Azur machine also comes with 2 soft O-rings and 2 hard O-rings. If one of your soft O-ring begins to wear out, replace it with a hard one.

When it comes to using our Matrix pen tattoo machine, we recommend using a small amount of Vaseline on your cartridge needle bar. This reduces noise, allowing you to tattoo smoothly and at your peak.

Note that all tattoo machines have voltage maximums, which are indicated in their respective product listings.